Monday 4 November 2002


Houses of Parliament The broadcast section enables you to see and hear Government in action.

You can watch Prime Minister’s Questions and other statements in the House, or watch our short films about goverment policies in action.

You can also listen to broadcasts by the Prime Minister specially recorded for this website.

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We will continue to carry Windows Media files and use our successful YouTube channel to deliver the best of Downing Street and the Prime Minister. And all exisiting Realplayer movies will remain on

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Broadcast categories

The PM Gordon Brown; copyright: Reuters Prime Minister’s Questions

Prime Minister’s Question Time (often referred to as PMQs) is an opportunity for MPs from all parties to question the PM on any subject. You can watch it live here, every Wednesday while Parliament is in session. 

Gordon Brown speaking; copyright: Reuters Broadcasts by the Prime Minister

Here you can watch Gordon Brown deliver major statements to Parliament or at major international events.

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