Monday 16 December 2002

Press briefings

JournalistThe briefings are given each day that Parliament is sitting, at 1100 GMT/ BST and 1545 GMT/BST.

At other times - for example, during Parliamentary recess - there is one briefing a week, usually on a Monday morning.

The Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) answers questions from journalists on current news topics that are of interest to them. The PMS may also use the opportunity to give out information he believes the media need to know. The gatherings are often referred to as lobby briefings.

For reasons of time and cost, these briefings are not normally transcribed word for word.

Instead, a record of the main points made in the briefing is circulated within Whitehall. The extracts in this section are taken from that record.

You can read summaries from the most recent briefings below, or visit our archive section, or use our search facility to find a briefing by keyword.

The briefings below were given by Gordon Brown’s spokesman after 27 June 2007. For briefings given during Tony Blair’s time in office, see our Blair archive.

May 2008

Afternoon press briefing from 1 May 2008

Briefing on: General Petraeus, Middle East Peace Process (MEPP) Investment conference, football, cannabis and misc

Morning press briefing from 1 May 2008

Briefing on: Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), General Petraeus, cannabis and elections


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