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Viscount Goderich

Frederick Robinson, Viscount Goderich Born: 30 October 1782

First entered Parliament: 13 November 1806

Age he became PM: 44 years, 305 days

Maiden speech: 11 April 1808 on the Reversion of Offices Bill about heriditary sinecures

Total time as PM: 130 days

Died: 28 January 1859 at Putney Heath, London

Facts and figures

Nicknames: “Prosperity Robinson”, “Goody Goderich” and “The Blubberer”

Education: Harrow and St. John’s College, Cambridge

Family: Goderich was the second of three sons. He was married to Lady Sarah Albinia Louisa Hobart, and had two sons and one daughter

Interests: Writing poetry, gardening, hunting, shooting


Viscount Goderich time as prime minister lasted only a few days longer than his predecessor Canning.

Goderich was chosen by King George IV over the favourite for the post, the Duke of Wellington. Goderich seemed a good prospect as Prime Minister, having served ably as Chancellor of the Exchequer under Lord Liverpool.

But Goderich lacked support among his colleagues and in his party, and he was not up to the task of running a quarrelling Cabinet.

Goderich had difficulty in coping practically and emotionally. He resigned after four months in office, before he had achieved anything of note.

He did return to hold political office some years later to serve under Earl Grey and Robert Peel.

Lord and Lady Ripon are buried in the memorial chapel at All Saints Church, Nocton

Quote unquote

“There was no one good in this life that had not with it some concomitant evil.”

Did you know?

During his retirement he was once described as looking ‘happier and fatter than when he was prime minister’.


Described as ‘insecure and neurotic’ with a morbid anxiety about her husband’s safety, Sarah Hobart was a notorious hypochondriac obsessed with her own health. She had two sons and a daughter and died eight years after her husband.

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