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Tate Online together with BT
Because of changes in the way Tate delivers video online, events will not be webcast live until further notice. Instead, events will be recorded and archived online shortly afterwards. The last live webcast in the current format will therefore be for Disrupting Narratives on 13th July 2007.
Tate's Real Player service will shortly be replaced by a new service and we are currently in the process of re-encoding all of our existing material to the new video format.
We aim to go live with the new service in late July with approximately half of the archive of online events in the new format. The remaining half will be converted over the upcoming months.
There will therefore be a period when a portion of the archive is unavailable. We are working backwards from the most recent events but also fast tracking the most popular recordings from the archive.
All Open University Study Days will be archived and available on-demand from and there will be no loss in their service.
We apologies for the temporary loss of some of the Online Events archive and are working hard to put them online as soon as possible.
Future events that are recorded will be archived and available in the Online Events archive within 2 weeks of the live event.
Keep updated with recently archived events via the Online Events Newsletter or RSS feed: Recently archived online events

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