Intellectual Property
Intellecrtual property crime

Intellectual property crime

Counterfeiting and piracy are Intellectual property (IP) crimes. Counterfeiting is wilful trade mark infringement and piracy is wilful copyright infringement. Infringement means using or copying a trade mark or copyrighted material without permission from the IP owner.

Counterfeiting and piracy are serious threats to business, consumers and government. No product is too cheap to counterfeit and no brand immune; luxury goods, foodstuffs, automotive parts, sophisticated pharmaceuticals and electronics are all threatened. As a result, the United Kingdom loses both money and economic knowledge.

Counterfeiting and piracy

A definition of counterfeiting and piracy, information on reporting IP crime and a guide to offences.

Enforcement of IP rights

Introduction to the enforcement agencies and information on tools for enforcement agencies provided by UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO).

National IP Crime Strategy

An introduction to the work of the National IP Crime Strategy, the Annual Enforcement Report and information about our role.