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Global health partnerships: the UK contribution to health in developing countries

  • Document type:
  • Author:
    Lord Crisp
  • Published date:
    13 February 2007
  • Primary audience:
    Health and social care professionals
  • Alternative title:
    The Crisp report
  • Publication format:
  • Product number:
    ISBN 1-84649-002-2; Smart number 278552
  • Gateway reference:
    Not required
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  • Copyright holder:
    Lord Crisp

Lord Crisp's report in response to an invitation from the Prime Minister and the Secretaries of State for Health and International Development to look at how UK experience and expertise in health could be used to best effect to help improve health in developing countries

At the outset it was agreed that this review would:

  • be based on countries’ needs as identified and expressed by people from those countries
  • aim to add practical value to work already under way.

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