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This Toolkit is an online guide about how to develop a total rewards strategy and how it can support improved service delivery in public service organisations.

A Total Reward strategy, can help you:

By enhancing employee motivation, contribution and performance, the Total Reward approach will lead ultimately to improved service delivery and better overall organisational performance.

The Toolkit uses the Engaged Performance model developed by Hay Group for the UK public service (pdf, 124kb),to help users analyse, develop and implement a Total Reward strategy.

Addressing all the Elements of Total Reward , comprising both tangible and intangible benefits, this Toolkit offers a methodology for assessing current organisational practice, pointers for action across all elements of total reward, and for combining and communicating all these aspects. The three main steps in this Process are:

Policy Perception Practice

If you are a new user of this site, you may wish to visit the Process page first, to find out how to use the toolkit's resources to meet your needs.

Please note that this is a Toolkit, not a news site, and therefore it will only be updated periodically.