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The public sector sets the tone of its relationship with citizens and businesses through every phone, post, email and face-to-face contact. Irrespective of the medium, each interaction conveys a perception of trust, value and quality of public services to the customer.

As a key delivery mechanism of Transformational Government and a central recommendation of the Varney report, the Contact Council has oversight of all customer contact in the public sector.

The Council, when fully formed, will comprise Directors of Contact representing over 700 local authority, emergency, helpline and transaction processing contact centres.


The Contact Council will provide oversight across public sector on all matters relating to customer contact. Initially the Council is already overseeing the improvement of performance and standards in publicly funded contact centres, facilitating the promotion of best practices as a norm in contact centres and leading the development of customer contact as a profession in government.

In the longer term the Contact Council will set and have oversight of the delivery of a mid– and long–term vision for public service contact. Specifically the Council’s responsibilities include:

Role of Members

Council members [PDF 10KB, 1 page] function as a self–empowered team, in which individuals:

Operating Model

The Council has the following characteristics:

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