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Workforce Matters

This website provides information and practical guidance on current and emerging workforce issues in our public services.


The Joint Statement on Access to Skills, Trade Unions and Advice in Government Contracting was launched by the Cabinet Office on 15 July 2008.

The Joint Statement aims to improve the quality of services delivered under Government contracts by raising the skills of service providers' employees and by helping to ensure fair treatment.

These pages are managed by the Cabinet Office Public Service Workforce Team, which works with Government, employers and trade unions to deliver a shared ambition for excellent public services.

Our portfolio of research and products includes:

Total Rewards toolkit

Total Rewards is about all the investments that an employer organisation invests in its workforce, and everything the employee values in working for them. This collection of investments and benefits includes an individual's salary and bonus, as well as non-financial benefits such as learning and development.

A Total Reward strategy aims to support an employer organisation achieving its aims and objectives by:

Follow the link below to access our Total Rewards toolkit – an online guide about how to develop a total rewards strategy and how it can support of improved service delivery in public service organisations.

Recent Cabinet Office presentations on total rewards:

Drive for Change

Drive for Change is a simple, practical tool to help with change management. It aims to improve the delivery of public services through better staff engagement in the design and implementation of service improvements.

Drive for Change is a web-based toolkit for public service employers, trade unions and employees to use together to support closer dialogue and joint working to take forward change, or redesign of, services.

This initiative was developed jointly by the Cabinet Office and TUC and can be accessed through this link: Drive for Change.

Leadership for reform and customer focus

Use this link to access information, guidance and research about the important role of leadership in driving public service reform and ensuring customer focused public services: Leadership for reform and customer focus.

Recent Cabinet Office presentations on this subject: