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Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat (EDS)

Head of the Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat

Paul Britton


Robin Fellgett


The Economic and Domestic Secretariat (EDS) covers all domestic Government business. Our primary role is to provide a high-quality and efficient service to support Cabinet and Cabinet committee business. EDS also supports Number 10 Private Office, advises on machinery of government changes and public sector pay, and deals with legislative and Parliamentary matters.

What are our key responsibilities?

EDS' objectives are:

Through these objectives, EDS contributes to two of the Cabinet Office's overarching aims: to support the Prime Minister in leading the government and to achieve coordination of policy and operations across government.

Our work includes:

What is our role in relation to Cabinet?

What is our role in terms of managing Cabinet Committee business?

How do we assist Number 10?

What is our role in the Legislative Programme?

Further Information

Guidance for departments on the work of Cabinet and Cabinet Committees and managing Cabinet Committee business can be found in our Guide to Cabinet Committees.

For more information on the legislative side of EDS' work, please look on the section on the legislative programme.

Contact Details

Phone: 0207 276 0055 - Secretariat Business Manager

A detailed organogram of EDS Cabinet Committee Secretaries and the areas they cover is available to other Government Departments on request.