Last updated: 05/11/2007

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Public bodies

Executive agencies guidance

Executive Agencies: A Guide for Departments [PDF, 104KB, 20 pages]

Public Bodies: A Guide for Departments

This updated guidance supersedes the previous September 2004 version of the NDPB Guidance.

Overview of Guidance Documents - Contents

Chapter 1: Case assessment and classification of a Public Body

Chapter 2: Policy and characteristics of a Public Body

Chapter 3: Setting up a new Public Body - The Legislative Requirements

Chapter 4: Setting up a New Executive NDPB - The Practical Tasks

Chapter 5: Public Body Staff

Chapter 6: Financial Management - Accountability

Chapter 7: Financial Management - Planning, Funding and Control

Chapter 8: Policy - Openness and Accountability

Chapter 9: Reviewing a Public Body

Chapter 10: Dissolving a Public Body

Public Bodies Directory 2007, and archive of previous years' editions of Public Bodies.

Please note that these are large documents.