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Latest news from Downing Street 4 August 2008

A copy of the 'Look Back at the PM's Week' newsletter; Crown copyright1 August - Number 10 Newsletter

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Harold Macmillan meeting John F Kennedy at the White House in 1961; Crown copyrightHistory films

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Harold Macmillan meeting John F Kennedy at the White House in 1961; Crown copyright

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Other News

A PCSO and a police officer handing out information leaflets in a local community; image copyright: Reuters29 July - Government promises neighbourhood crime maps

The Government has announced the planned publication of online crime maps as part of a commitment to get people more involved with their local police.


26 July - Barack Obama comes to No10


24 July - PM celebrates community pioneers


24 July - Poverty can be eradicated - PM


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Press Briefings

Morning press briefing from 22 July 2008

Briefing from the Prime Minister's Spokesman on: Cabinet, Radovan Karadzic, Iraq, Consultation on Alcohol Responsibility, Recess Arrangements, Written Statements, Nuclear Sites and Irish Referendum

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