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The Security Commission

The Security Commission was established in 1964 with the following terms of reference as announced on 23 January 1964 by the Prime Minister (Sir Alec Douglas-Home):

"If so requested by the Prime Minister to investigate and report upon the circumstances in which a breach of security is known to have occurred in the public service, and upon any related failure of departmental security arrangements or neglect of duty; and, in the light of any such investigation, to advise whether any change in security arrangements is necessary or desirable." (Hansard cols 1271-3).

A statement by the Prime Minister (Mr Wilson) on 10 May 1965 widened the terms of reference to cover circumstances where there might be reason to think that a breach of security had occurred.

The members of the Security Commission are currently;

The members form a panel from which three or four, including the Chairman, are normally selected on each occasion when the Commission is invited by the Prime Minister to investigate a suspected breach of security.