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The Final Report

of the

Committee of Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs

in England and Wales


The Final Report:
PDF version (674 KB) HTML page version
(to obtain a copy of Acrobat Reader (£ free) go to  

The Final Report is available in print form from The Stationery Office (priced at £32.50).
Write to them at:
The Stationery Office
PO Box 29

Or visit their website at

A CD ROM is attached to the print copy of the Final Report. This contains the following material: terms of reference; letter dated 19 January 2000 inviting 'first round' evidence; evidence submitted by the main organisations and a number of individuals; details of visits made by the Committee; details of the research commissioned by the Inquiry; draft research reports; transcripts of the seminars held to discuss the draft research reports; final research reports; transcript of a seminar on the legal aspects of implementing a ban, plus supporting papers; notes of 'by-invitation' meetings held with supporters of the Countryside Alliance and Deadline 2000; letter of 17 April 2000 inviting 'second round' evidence; respones received to that invitation; and the Committee's final report.

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Date uploaded to site: 15 June 2000