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The Inquiry has completed its work and the Secretariat has been disbanded. Any enquiries about the Committee's work or its report should now be addressed to:

Hunting Policy Unit
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Area 2A
Ergon House
c/o Nobel House
17 Smith Square
London SW1P 3JR


Final Report
Final Report for the Hunting Inquiry.

First Stage Evidence Menu
Some of the 1st Stage evidence submitted to the Inquiry is published here.

Second Stage Evidence Menu
Some of the 2nd Stage evidence submitted to the Inquiry is published here.

Oral Evidence
Transcripts of the Oral Evidence meetings are published here.

The Committee commissioned research work on some of the key issues which it had been asked to consider. Draft and Final reports are published here as well as transcripts from the research seminars.

Committee/Inquiry Details
The Committee was set up to inquire into the practical aspects of hunting with dogs in England and Wales, its impact on a number of issues, the consequences for those issues of any ban on hunting and how any ban might be implemented. The full terms of reference are given in the request for written evidence. Also provided is a summary of visits made by the Committee.

Committee Visits
A list of the visits made by the Committee is posted here.

Website Stats
Posted here are some stats about the site.

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