Employment Tribunal System Taskforce

The Employment Tribunal System Taskforce, chaired by Janet Gaymer, was set up in late October 2001. The Taskforce was asked to make recommendations to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and the Lord Chancellor on how services could be made more efficient and cost effective for users of the Employment Tribunal system

The Taskforce report Moving Forward was published on 29 July 2002. It set out an over-arching vision for an employment tribunal system that reflects the needs of its users and the changing environment in which it operates. The Taskforce made 61 recommendations designed to improve operational efficiency and to ensure a coherent approach to strategic planning across the system.

In November 2002, the Government endorsed the Taskforce's vision, its recommendations and the report's conclusion that a co-ordinated approach was needed for the planning, monitoring and delivery of a range of system-wide reforms.

Subsequently, the Taskforce was reconstituted as a strategic body to monitor progress on the implementation of its recommendations and, when the Employment Tribunals Service joined the combined MoJ Tribunals Service in April 2006, the Taskforce's functions were subsumed into those of the newly-established Employment Tribunals System Steering Board.