The Right to be Accompanied in Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings

The new right contained in sections 10-15 of the Employment Relations Act 1999 took effect on 4 September 2000. This gives workers attending a disciplinary or grievance hearing, a right to be accompanied by a work colleague or union official. Section 37 of the Employment Relations Act 2004 clarified and widened the role that the person accomanying the worker may play at the hearing. Section 37 took effect on 1 October 2004.

The Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, published by ACAS, came into effect on 4 September 2000 in its entirety (updated 2003). The Code is available on the ACAS website or from ACAS Reader Ltd, tel: 01455 852225.

Transitional arrangements

The new right applies where the invitation or request to the worker to attend the disciplinary or grievance hearing is made on or after 4 September 2000.