Information and Consultation

The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations

The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 give employees the right, subject to certain conditions, to request that their employer sets up or changes arrangements to inform and consult them about issues in the organisation for which they work.  The Regulations came into force for organisations with 150 or more employees in 2005.  They will affect organisations with more than 100 employees from 6th April 2007 and those with more than 50 employees from 6th April 2008.

The law in a nutshell

The Regulations do not impose a set method for employers to inform and consult their employees.

Instead, the requirements are triggered either by a formal, written request for an information and consultation agreement from at least 10% of employees, with a minimum 15 and a maximum of 2,500, or where an employer chooses to start negotiations.  In either case the employer will need to make arrangements to allow the employees to elect representatives to negotiate the agreement.

More information on the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations…

…for employers

If you are an employer and you want to find out how the regulations will affect your business, visit the Information and Consultation pages on the Business Link website.  For practical advice on how to ensure your organisation is ready for the regulations visit the Acas website.

…for employees and employee representatives

If you are an employee or employee representative and want to find out what your rights are under the regulations, view the guidance for employees or visit the information and consultation pages of  For practical advice on how you can benefit from the Regulations visit the Acas website.

Guidance and the Regulations

For more detailed information on the Regulations you can read the BERR's brief guide of 'Informing and Consulting Employees – A Brief Guide to the Legislation' or download the full guidance :-

If you wish to view the regulations in full, they are available on the Office of Public Sector Information’s website.

Information and Consultation in Action

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