Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) 2006-

Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs)

RIAs are prepared as part of the process to make policy and provide an assessment of the costs, benefits and risks of a proposal on businesses, charities or the voluntary sector. They identify and assess all the options, both regulatory and non-regulatory and determine whether the benefits justify the costs. The RIA process helps policy makers to think through the consequences of proposals, improving the quality of advice to Ministers and encouraging informed public debate.

Full regulatory impact assessment - The Employment Act 2002 (Amendment of Schedules 3, 4 and 5) Order 2006

Success at work - Initial Regulatory Impact Assessment - March 2006

Employment Equality (Age) Regulations: regulatory impact assessments

Work and Families Bill RIA: Addendum on race equality impact assessment - January 2006

Final regulatory impact assessment: revision of the transfer of undertakings (protection of employment) regulations 1981

Final regulatory impact assessment. National minimum wage RIA: increasing adult and youth rates in October 2006

Full regulatory impact assessment. The maternity and parental leave (amendment) regulations 2006 and the paternity and adoption leave (amendment) regulations 2006