Written Ministerial Statement

Jim Fitzpatrick MP: Parliamentary Under Secretary Of State For Employment Relations And Postal Services
20 March 2007

Clergy Working Group

The Department of Trade and Industry {now the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)}set up the Clergy Working Group in 2004 to look at clergy working conditions as part of its review of employment status issues.  The Working Group included representatives from trade unions and many faith groups and was chaired by DTI.

Discussions within the Clergy Working Group have resulted in the development of a statement of good practice.  The statement represents minimum standards to which faith groups should aim to achieve, on a voluntary basis, in a variety of areas -  terms and conditions of work; resolving disputes; development and personnel support; and information and consultation

As a first step BERR is asking faith groups to assess the current position in relation to the standards in the statement and in two years time will ask faith groups what progress has been made.  Individuals will have an opportunity to contribute to this process at both stages.  Based on the information and evidence provided, BERR will consider if any further action is appropriate, including legislative action. BERR will encourage other faith groups, who did not participate in the Working Group, to consider joining this process

Hard copies of the model statement of good practice (URN 07/818) and model questionnaire (URN 07/819) can be obtained from:

BERR Publications Orderline
London SW1W 8YT

Tel: 0845 015 0010
Fax: 0845 015 0020

Minicom: 0845 015 0030
Web: www.berr.gov.uk/publications

You can make copies of these documents without seeking permission.

Faith Groups and Trade Unions who participated in the Clergy Working Group

Baptist Unions of Great Britain
Bishops' Conference of Scotland
Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
The Church in Wales
The Church of England Archbishops' Council
The Church of Scotland
Evangelical Alliance
Free Churches' Council
Free Church of Scotland
Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Representative of Jewish Community
Methodist Church
Muslim Council of Great Britain
National Council of Hindu Temples
New Testament Church of God
Salvation Army
Scottish Episcopal Church
Transport and General Workers Union
United Free Church
United Reform Church