EU Temporary (Agency) Workers Directive

Commission Proposal For A Directive On The Working Conditions Of Temporary (Agency) Workers

The draft Agency Workers Directive was discussed at the European Employment Council on 9 June 2008. At the Council political agreement was reached on the Agency Workers Directive(and the Working Time Directive).

This is an important stage in the European process and breaks six years of deadlock on this issue. The European Parliament will now consider what has been agreed (in its second reading) before the Directive returns to the Council for final agreement.

The revised wording of the Agency Workers Directive allows the UK to implement the agreement between CBI and TUC which means that an agency worker is entitled to equal treatment (which means at least the basic working and employment conditions that would apply to the worker concerned if they had been recruited directly to occupy the same job) after 12 weeks in a given job.

For more information see BERR’s press release issued 09 June 2008 – UK secures labour flexibility for Britain.