Trade Union Membership Statistics

The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) is responsible for publishing the trade union National Statistic. In the past, estimates of trade union membership from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) were published in an annual article in the ONS journal Labour Market Trends. However, the amount of information that can be conveyed in a single article is necessarily quite limited, so in its place we are now publishing an annual statistical report.

The April 2007 report is the fourth of this new annual series. The report is based on LFS data-sets weighted to post Census-2001 population estimates:

Trade union membership 2006

It contains estimates of trade union density from the Labour Force Survey for the December quarter 2006 for both employees and for all respondents who are in employment. Estimates are presented for the proportion of people in employment who are trade union members in both the United Kingdom and Great Britain, and for employees whose pay and conditions are affected by collective agreements. We also provide trade union densities by age, sex, ethnicity, income, full and part-time employment, sector, nation and region.

Printed copies of this report can be ordered at no charge from the BERR Publications website either online (and search using URN 07/899) or alternatively call the BERR Publications Orderline on 0845 015 0010 (+44 845 015 0010) and provide the URN, or email them at:

Trade union membership and labour disputes statistics quality review

The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) and the Office for National Statistics have carried out a Quality Review of trade union membership and labour disputes statistics.  The results will be published shortly.

Previous trade union membership articles may also be downloaded. Please note, however, that some past figures have been revised in the most recent publication and therefore will not be comparable with earlier publications - see links on right.

The Certification Officer publishes an annual report that includes numbers of trade unions and membership levels. To obtain tables containing a time series of union membership and numbers of unions from 1975-2002 and a distribution by size of union from 1989-2002 please see:

Number of trade unions and membership: Great Britain, 1975-2002 These have been produced as part of the update in the presentation of Certification Office data (as described in the 1999-2000 trade union membership article).

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Information on National Statistics, the Labour Market as well as relevant data can be obtained from the Office for National Statistics website. Alternatively, contact their Labour Market Statistics helpline for detailed information on 020 7533 6094.