Long Hours Working Partnership Project

An increasing number of organisations are looking for ways to maximise productivity whilst moving away from routinely relying on workers and mangers working long hours.  That is why a partnership project between the DTI, CBI and TUC was set up in order to identify practical ways of implementing change management programmes in the workplace and share this learning between businesses.

A series of free master class seminars were held across the UK between June 2004 and May 2005 where business champions who have successfully implemented working time change management programmes shared their learning with others.

Master class sessions were held in Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, London  Newport, London (2), Birmingham (2) and York. Business Champions who shared their experiences have included: Rolls Royce, BNFL, Unilever Best Foods, Jaguar Land Rover, Westinghouse, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Eversheds, Excel (Electronics) Assemblies Ltd, Perkin Elmer Llantrisant, BT, Accenture, Exel and Bl Worldwide.

Although the project is now finished, the master class case studies have been written up into a report entitled "Managing Change - Practical ways to reduce long hours and reform working practices".  Further copies of this report can be either downloaded or ordered from the DTI Publications order line on 0845 015 0010. We hope businesses will find this report a useful guide in helping to implement change.