Small Grants Funds

From time to time BERR's Employment Market Analysis and Research (EMAR) branch (BERR) has called for research proposals from academics to write papers either on a particular theme, or using a specific dataset. To date we have announced three Small Grants Fund:

WERS 2004 Grants Fund

A call for proposals was made in November 2005, and closed in March 2006. Proposals for research based on the Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS) 2004 dataset were selected for their contribution to the evidence base, and their relevance to government policy. In total 11 projects were funded by EMAR, with another three funded by DTI’s Management, Leadership and Skills Unit. Draft papers will be presented at a series of research workshops in the second half of 2006.

SETA Small Grants Fund

Announced in October 2004, the aim was to promote research and debate around the role and impact of the Employment Tribunal System. Four small research grants were funded by DTI, with papers based on an analysis of the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications (SETA) 2003. The draft papers were presented at a DTI seminar on 15 July 2005; we expect to publish them in 2006.

Labour Market Flexibility Small Grants Fund

A call for proposals was made in February 2004. This was an initiative to develop the evidence base and encourage debate on labour market flexibility issues, through small research grants of up to £10,000. DTI commissioned 10 papers. Most were presented in draft form at a seminar held on 15 December 2004. DTI will be publishing most of these papers in 2006.

For more information

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