Rules for Calculation

Under employment protection legislation employees have a number of individual rights. Many of these rights apply only to employees who have a minimum period of continuous employment.

Continuous employment

Continuous employment usually means working for the same employer without a break, but it does not always mean this. Sometimes, employment can be regarded as continuous in spite of short breaks and time with a previous employer can sometimes be added on to time with the present employer. But to build up the minimum periods of continuous employment and to qualify for the rights, employees must meet the conditions. 'Continuous employment and a week's pay: rules for calculation URN 07/556'

A week's pay

Entitlements to redundancy pay, guarantee pay, some types of compensation awarded by employment tribunals, pay during notice and during time off for job-hunting or antenatal care are all related to an employee's 'week's pay', defined as the amount of pay the employee is due per week under his or her contract of employment. This is not necessarily the same as average pay, or pay in a typical week. Full explanation of what the legislation means by a week's pay is given by 'Continuous employment and a week's pay: rules for calculation URN 07/556'.