Employment Act 2002

The Employment Act received Royal Assent on 8 July 2002. It is a wide ranging package,  covering work and parents, dispute resolution in the workplace, improvements to employment tribunal procedures, including the introduction of an equal pay questionnaire, provisions to implement the Fixed Term Work Directive, a new right to time off work for union learning representatives, work focused interviews for partners of people receiving working-age benefits and some data sharing provisions.

Policy commitment 

The Act supports the Government’s commitment to create highly productive, modern and successful workplaces through fairness and partnership at work. It will deliver a balanced package of support for working parents, at the same time as reducing red tape for employers by simplifying rules governing maternity, paternity and adoption leave and pay, and make it easier to settle disputes in the workplace.

It marks a significant step towards the Government’s Election Manifesto commitment to “help parents devote more time to their children early in life” and meets the Manifesto commitment to examine reforms which promote efficiency and fairness.