Equality And Diversity: Age Matters

Age Consultation 2003

This consultation was devoted solely to proposals for age legislation. Towards Equality and Diversity in 2001 started to explore the issues, and The Way Ahead subsequently touched on some matters of importance to the age strand of the Directive.

The “Age Matters” consultation material, on which we asked for comments on our policy proposals on age discrimination is still available:

  • Consultation document (& Welsh version)
  • Summary document (& Welsh version)
  • Response form (& Welsh version)
  • Monitoring form (& Welsh version)
  • Report of the age aspects of Towards Equality and Diversity - a consultation in 2002 on implementing the European Employment Directive (& Welsh version)
  • Retirement ages in the UK: a review of the literature - research by Pam Meadows
  • The initial Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • A summary report of the responses to Age Matters (& Welsh version)