International Energy Policy

Reliable, affordable and sustainable energy is at the core of Britain's energy policy and its strategic vision for European and wider International collaboration on energy. 

The challenges relating to energy and climate change have become truly global in nature.  Countries such as China and India continue to develop.  Global energy consumption continues to increase and the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent.  Progress towards truly open energy markets in Europe has been slow.

Mitigating the effects of climate change and ensuring we have secure and affordable energy supplies are vital to Britain's future prosperity and security. The challenge ahead of us is complex and global.  It requires not just domestic but international action.

In 2005, the UK was in the fortunate position of holding both the G8 and EU Presidencies. In both cases we achieved highly successful outcomes for climate change and energy policy. 

It is clear, however, that we need to go even further in reducing emissions to tackle global warming.  But this must, and can, be balanced with secure and efficient energy supply and a competitive UK economy. Almost a third of our power stations need to be replaced by 2020. We will increasingly import more and more oil and gas from a variety of countries.  Against this background, international issues will form an important part of energy matters in the UK.

This area of the website highlights key activities we've been engaged in and our plans to meet the challenges of the future.