Resolving Disputes


On 21st March 2007 the Government published the outcome of an independent review of the employment dispute resolution system in Great Britain, led by Michael Gibbons. More information on the review is available at the Gibbons Review folder. (see link on the left hand side)

On the same day the Government published ‘Resolving disputes in the Workplace - A consultation‘ setting out measures for taking the Gibbons Review forward. The consultation sought views on a package of measures to help solve employment disputes successfully in the workplace so that:

  • Productivity is raised through improved workplace relations
  • Access to justice is ensured for employees and employers
  • The cost of resolving disputes is reduced for all parties
  • Disputes are resolved swiftly before they escalate

Responses to the consultation (which closed on 20 June 2007) enabled the Government to identify key legislative reforms for inclusion in the Employment Bill which was published on 7 December 2007. This provides for the complete repeal of the statutory dispute procedures. It also provides for repeal of the existing law on the role of procedure in unfair dismissal. The Bill is subject to parliamentary consideration and depending on the outcome of that process the Government hopes that repeal will take place in April 2009.

In addition to the Bill, the Government will be introducing other non legislative measures to improve and simplify employment dispute resolution. Details of these measures will be set out in an official Government response to the consultation and posted on the website in due course.

The current employment dispute resolution system in Great Britain

These pages contain information for intermediaries on the current dispute resolution system, which can be found by following the links on the left hand side of this page.

Guidance for employees on the current dispute resolution system can be found on Directgov, guidance for employers can be found on Business Link.