Business Council for Britain

The Business Council for Britain was set up by the Prime Minister in June 2007 to advise Government on how it can best promote the long-term health of the UK economy. The Council is independent of Government and provides private advice to the Prime Minister and Government.

Business Council remit

Specifically the Council’s remit is to:

  • Examine the progress the Government is making to improve the business environment in areas critical to the future of the economy;
  • Advise the Government on its policies and priorities; and
  • Conduct its own reviews on the areas it believes will determine the future economic well being of the UK

The Council provides a valuable insight into cross-cutting challenges and opportunities, highlighting where the links need to be made in order to drive a competitive UK economy.


The Council comprises senior business leaders from a range of sectors (appointed for at least one year) to provide clear, independent advice on the reform priorities to enable business to compete in the global economy. A full list of the Council members can be found here.

Work Programme Priorities

The Council determines its own policy priorities and work programme – examining Government progress in improving the business environment; advising the Prime Minister and Government on policy priorities and conducting reviews.


A number of changes to the membership of the Business Council for Britain were announced in July 2008.