BERR Corporate Governance


The function of Corporate Governance is to ensure that an organisation fulfils its overall purpose, achieves its intended outcomes and operates in an effective, efficient and ethical manner. It determines the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate issues, and also provides the means of attaining objectives and monitoring performance.

The Management Board

The Management Board provides corporate strategic leadership to the Department.  This involves in particular, working with Ministers to set the Department's strategy and allocate resources, agreeing business plans and monitoring performance, enhancing Departmental capability and setting standards, values and controls.

The Board is chaired by the Permanent Secretary and meets on a monthly basis. The Board is made up of core Operational Directors General, the Group Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment, and three Non-Executive Board Members. A full list of members of the Management Board and summaries of Management Board Minutes can be found via the appropriate link on the left-hand side.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee focuses on high-level, strategic planning and management issues. 

Chaired by the Permanent Secretary, the Committee meets on a monthly basis and is made up of Directors General, and the Group Chief Executive UK Trade & Investment.

Operating Committee

The Operating Committee decides on cross-cutting operational matters, and reports to the Board on strategies and policies for the way in which the Department operates.

The Operating Committee is chaired by an operationally-neutral Director General, and meets on a monthly basis. The Committee is formed of the Chief Operating Officer, Director General of Finance & Strategy, Head of Management Units from across the Department and 3 Non-Executive Board members.

BERR Audit & Risk Committee

The BERR Audit and Risk Committee provides assurance on the quality of the Department's risk controls and advises the Accounting Officer on the Departmental Resource Accounts and statements on internal control. The Committee is chaired by an independent non-executive Board Member drawn from the Management Board, with three further non-executive Board members.

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Group Boards

Although not part of the formal Governance structure, a number of Groups in BERR have their own Boards, with Non-Executive Board Members, to advise the Director General on strategic matters in the Group and to review the Group's activities and performance.

Organisation Chart

The high level governance structure of the Department has at its centre the Management Board. Reporting to the Management Board, via the Secretariat, is the Audit & Risk Committee, the Executive Committee and the Operating Committee. To view the organisation chart go to the link at the top of the right-hand column.

For further information about any of the Boards or Committees, please contact the BERR Secretariat via or 020 7215 6888.