Priorities, delivery & performance

Britain is a good place to do business. Economic stability, flexible labour markets and an internationally competitive regulatory environment are helping businesses to start up and grow.

However, globalisation, climate change and technological advances are creating major challenges for business. They are also creating big opportunities for those that are ready to seize them. BERR’s central purpose is to help ensure business success in this increasingly competitive world.

BERR supports business and enterprise. We champion better regulation. We promote free and fair markets in the EU and globally. Our work is also securing our future energy supplies – vital to business success and to wider society. We also act as shareholder for the Government in economically significant businesses.

BERR has also been given a clear mandate to be the voice for business across Government. It will work with the lead departments on issues of central importance to business. Our initial priorities are: innovation, taxation, skills, migration, planning and transport.

BERR’s priorities and approach are set out in “Our Commitment to Business”, published in November 2007. See link.