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Cumulative Effect of Radiated Emissions from Metallic Data Distribution Systems on Radio Based Services


A report for the Radiocommunications Agency by York EMC Services Ltd, University of York

Document number R/00/026
Project number 1191
Author: Dr. D W Welsh, Dr. I D Flintoft, Dr A D Papatsoris


Executive Summary

Recent developments in broadband data access methods over existing telephone or mains wiring will cause unintentional RF emissions which may adversely affect the established radio noise floor. This report considers the effects due to cumulative propagation of many such sources on the established radio noise floor. It does not consider possible interference due to near field effects. The propagation mechanisms considered are groundwave and skywave. Figure 1.1 shows the technologies, propagation methods and frequencies that have been considered.

figure 1.1

Figure 1.1: Figure showing frequency bands, propagation methods and major technologies
considered in this report



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Extension To Contract "Accumulated Emissions From Metallic Data Delivery Systems" To Verify The Angle Of Radiation Of ADSL Systems And Their Potential Effect On Aeronautical Services
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June 2000

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