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This archive contains most research reports, which were completed before April 1998. For further information, please contact research@ra.gsi.gov.uk.


* Investigation to characterise domestic microwave ovens (RTCG, March 1998) PDF Logo pdf file (34KB)

* The feasibility of introducing digital ENG/OB video links (Smith Group)

* Investigation into the design parameters of magnetrons (1998)

* Study of unwanted emissions for the protection of radioastronomy and other passive services (Aegis, 1998)

* Study into phased arrays in NGSO earth station antennas

* Modelling methods for large reflector antennas (Queen Mary and Westfield College, 1996)

* A Study into the assessment of FSS satellite antenna reference radiation pattern envelopes

* A study into ionospheric drift measurement using advanced digital ionosondes (DERA Malvern, December 1996)

* Study of the phenomenological aspects of the propagation conditions encountered in the path relevant to the transhorizion communications (University of Portsmouth, December 1996)

* Scintillation of transionospheric signals (University of Aberystwyth, December 1996)


Disclaimer: Any opinions and suggestions expressed in any reports are those of the contractor concerned and may not reflect the opinion or policy of the Radiocommunications Agency.

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