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Collection Displays | Level 3: Poetry and Dream
Level 3: Poetry and Dream
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The displays in Poetry and Dream show how contemporary art grows from, reconnects with, and can provide fresh insights into the art of the past. The large room at the heart of the wing is devoted to Surrealism, while the surrounding displays look at other artists who, in different ways, have responded to or diverged from Surrealism, or explored related themes such as the world of dreams, the unconscious and archetypal myth. These displays also show how characteristically Surrealist techniques such as free association, the use of chance, biomorphic form and bizarre symbolism have been reinvigorated in new contexts and through new media, often at far remove from the intentions of their pioneers.

Room List
Giorgio de Chirico and Jannis Kounellis (Room 1)
Poetry and Dream: Surrealism and Beyond (Room 2)
Poetry and Dream: Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid (Room 2)
Poetry and Dream: Beyond Surrealism (Room 2)
Max Ernst (Room 3)
Natural History (Room 4)
Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso (Room 5)
Joseph Beuys and Anselm Kiefer (Room 6)
Miroslaw Balka and Pepe Espaliú (Room 7)
Eileen Agar, Claude Cahun and Zoe Leonard (Room 8)
Realisms (Room 9)
Cornelia Parker (Room 10)