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Things to Do

  • Architectural Style

    Architectural Style

    Explore architectural style and test your knowledge with the style quiz.

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  • Make a Baroque Hat

    Make a Baroque Hat

    Baroque was a fashionable artistic style created in the seventeenth century. It was a theatrical and glamorous style which uses curves and ornate detail. Baroque architecture and sculpture regularly featured groups of figures, domes and fountains.

    Make your own baroque inspired hat. View and print the Baroque Hat worksheet.

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

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  • Make an Origami House

    Make an Origami House

    Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Ori means to fold and kami means paper. Origami originated in China and then spread to Japan during the sixteenth century. For centuries there were no written instructions for creating origami, parents and teachers would show their children how to make origami and these skills were then passed down through the generations.

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  • Architecture Quiz

    Try this architecture quiz to learn and test your knowledge of architectural themes and ideas, including questions on historical styles, architects, techniques and materials.

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  • Architecture Trails

    Visiting the V&A? Then download these architecture trails designed to take you through the Museum and it's unique architecture and objects.

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  • Neverending Drawing

    The Neverending Drawing (NED) is a celebration of the V&A and RIBA Architecture gallery which opened at the Victoria and Albert Museum on 18 November 2004. It's housed in an intriguing cabinet of American walnut. You simply open the box, choose a space, and make your mark on the theme of 'the street'. Portugese architect Alvaro Siza launched the Neverending Drawing on 25 June 2004 by adding the very first image


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