The public counter

The public counter provides you with a standard service for legalising documents in person. For members of the public this is a whilst-you-wait service. For business customers this is a drop off and collect 24 hours later service.

Where are we?

The nearest Underground station to our office is Charing Cross. Westminster station is a little further away but is fully wheelchair accessible.

Map of London Legalisation Office

Opening times and rules

  • our public counter is normally open from 9.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday. No appointment is necessary. During busy periods you may have a total waiting time of up to two hours
  • you do not need to bring ID and anyone can present the documents on your behalf
  • the Legalisation Office is not a suitable environment for babies or young children. Please try to avoid bringing babies or young children to the Legalisation Office.

How much does it cost?

The fee for legalisation of each document is £27. At the public counter payment is accepted in cash or by credit/debit card.

Changes to the Public Counter Standard Service for business customers

From  Monday 21 April 2008 ALL business customers using the Standard Legalisation Service at Old Admiralty Building will be required to deposit their documents and collect them  at the same time the following working day. This will apply regardless of the number of documents being presented for legalisation. 

It  is not  necessary to queue using the ticket system: after reporting to the reception desk, business customers will be directed straight to counter 1 to deposit or collect documents.  The legalisation fee will be taken, and a receipt issued, when the documents are deposited.  This receipt MUST be presented to collect the documents.

A Premium Legalisation Service  is available exclusively for business customers with time sensitive documents.  The fee for this is £67 per legalisation.  For more information on how to use this service please email us at .

Please note that these changes do not apply to members of public who will be still be able to wait for their documents to be legalised when using the Standard Service at the Old Admiralty Building.

Customers with disabilities

Anyone can present the documents on your behalf so there is no requirement for you to come to the Legalisation Office. However, if you do choose to come:

  • the office can be accessed by wheelchair users
  • it is possible to arrange for customers with disabilities to be dropped off and collected from the Legalisation Office (by their own transport) if at least 24 hours notice of this is given. Please note, however, that there are no parking facilities at the Legalisation Office, and vehicles will not be permitted to wait between drop off and collection of passengers.)


The Legalisation Office
Old Admiralty Building
The Mall
London SW1A 2LG


The fee for legalisation is £27 for each signature/stamp/seal that we legalise.