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International trade and investment are key to the UK's continued success in a competitive global economy.

What is UK Trade and Investment (UKTI)?

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) brings us (the FCO) together with the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (Berr).

The aim of UKTI is to improve the performance and opportunities of UK companies operating in an increasingly globalised and competitive world.

We also support and advise foreign companies who want to invest in the UK.

Latest figures show that more than 7,500 companies improved their performance as a result of UKTI support, generating around £2.5 billion benefit.

Most of the people delivering UKTI services abroad are FCO staff working in our global network of embassies. We’ve got more ‘branch’ offices than most multinationals.

How does UKTI help UK businesses?

  • supports companies doing business internationally for the first time
  • provides info and advice on opportunities and conditions in foreign markets
  • helps British businesses of all sizes to attend international trade shows and exhibitions
  • arranges sector-specific missions (home and abroad) to promote and demonstrate UK business
  • runs research programmes to assess the impact of international trade and business for the UK.

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What does UKTI promote?

UKTI prioritises these sectors:

  • creative industries
  • life sciences 
  • information and communication technology
  • energy technologies 
  • financial and legal services.

More info about how we support these sectors is on the UKTI website.

Promoting foreign investment in the UK

UKTI works to attract high value, quality foreign investment into the UK.

Over 1,400 inward investments into the UK maintained our position as the number one inward investment destination in Europe (2007/08).

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The UK in key markets

We’ve identified 17 high-growth markets with significant opportunities for UK business.

We focus our staff and resources in these markets such as India, China, Brazil and Russia.

The UKTI also financially supports the Indo-British Partnership Network and the China British Business Council, both aimed to increase bilateral trade with the UK.

Our work

Examples of our work to support the UK economy:

Repair kit for horses - and other animals

In safe hands

Mexico red tape


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Departmental report

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