Promote a low carbon, high growth, global economy

people caught in floodsWorking with other countries and international institutions such as the EU and UN to rapidly shift towards a lower carbon world is one of our key goals.

We're also focussed on securing energy for the UK and tackling the challenges of a global economy.

Take a look at our latest case studies - Florida-UK partnership to cut carbon emissions and Predicting the possible - Brazil and South America, to see what we're doing on the ground to promote a low carbon, high growth, global economy.

How are we doing this?

Florida-UK partnership to cut carbon emissions

storms on the florida coastFCO staff are working closely with the Florida State Government to cut carbon emissions and to develop renewable energy resources such as solar and wind, and energy from ethanol and hydrogen.

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Predicting the possible – Brazil and South America

Rainforest BrazilIn the heart of South America we're involved in two initiatives to predict possible scenarios of unchecked climate change. The aim is to help policy makers of the possible impact global warming can have on agriculture and hydroelectricity.

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Promote a low carbon, high growth, global economy

Recent news and events

Towards a green collar Europe - A million UK workers in environmental industries within the next two decades

Minister for Europe Jim Murphy MP and his French counterpart Jean-Pierre Jouyet to host a roundtable discussion on “Towards a Green Collar Europe - jobs and growth in a low carbon economy” on Wednesday 8 May

Kim Howells speech at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

Kim Howells gave a speech to the IPPR on Climate Change and Migration on Tuesday 29 April. He said 'both (issues) are priorities under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office strategic framework'

President Bachelet’s Canning House Lecture: introductory remarks by Dr Kim Howells MP

President Bachelet of Chile gave the Canning House Lecture on “Growth, Globalisation and Equality: an Economic Agenda for Latin America” on 3 April.  FCO Minister of State Dr Kim Howells MP made the introductory remarks.

FCO in Action map

FCO in action map

We’ve pinned up the latest examples of our work around the world.


Departmental report 2008

Read about our achievements over the past year.

departmental report 2008