‘Better World, Better Britain’ - the FCO’s strategy


‘The UK can be a global hub in the 21st Century. We are dedicated to playing our part in making it happen.’

David Miliband, Foreign Secretary and Peter Ricketts, FCO Permanent Under Secretary

A new strategic framework for the FCO

From climate change and financial instability to health pandemics and weapons proliferation, national security and prosperity depend on our work with other nations.

This requires a modern and effective Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) that is clear about its role and focuses its effort where it can make the greatest difference.

Following extensive discussions, we have produced a new strategic framework which brings clarity to our work.

The framework is centred on a new mission statement: ’Better World, Better Britain’ and was launched on 01 April 2008.

The framework has 3 parts:

1. Global network

Our flexible global network of staff, embassies and offices, serves all of UK Government – it’s a unique asset for the UK.

We will continue to shift resources to Asia and the Middle East to deliver better our new policy goals and to reflect global economic trends.

Read more about the work of our global network.

2. Essential services

We have 3 essential services to support British nationals and business:

These are the direct services we provide to British citizens and businesses, often in partnership with other UK Government bodies, such as UK Trade and Investment and the Borders and Immigration Agency.

3. Policy goals

African Union soldier in Sudan. © STUART PRICE/AFP/Getty ImagesWe have 4 new policy goals to guide our work:

These are our priorities in advancing the UK’s foreign policy, through which we seek to shape the international environment, in order to protect our citizens, promote our economy, and spread our values.

Download the Better World, Better Britain pdf leaflet.