UK in Afghanistan

Securing Afghanistan's Future

The United Kingdom, alongside 39 other nations, is in Afghanistan at the invitation of the democratically elected Afghan Government to help rebuild and develop a country emerging from a quarter century of conflict. We are there to support Afghanistan's security, reconstruction, good governance and counter-narcotics work. The UK's efforts are co-ordinated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Department for International Development and the Ministry of Defence.

The latest on Afghanistan

Fatim Jumabhoy at the Iman Ali Shrine in Mazar-e-Sharif

UK Muslim Group returns from Afghanistan (Updated 07/05/2008)

A delegation of representatives from prominent British Muslim groups returns from a fact finding trip from Afghanistan. The visit was part of the 'Projecting British Muslims Programme' to share experience of UK life and to increase mutual understanding, and dispel myths about Islamic life in Britain. Sadiq Khan MP, Muslim Delegation to Afghanistan, said "to see some of the work that we're doing, it does make you proud, whether it's development work, whether it's helping children go back to school, whether it's building hospital, whether it's helping teachers be trained, whether it's providing security for Afghani people to go about their daily business, there's a huge amount going on.”

NEW: Fatim Kurji Jumabhoy visited Afghanistan last month as part of an FCO-sponsored delegation of British Muslims. Read her thoughts on the visit and the challenges facing the country.

UN Special Representative for Afghanistan visits London (14/04/2008)

UN Special Representative Kai Eide on his visit to LondonUN Special Representative for Afghanistan, Kai Eide, visited London on 14 April. He met the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and a range of senior officials.

They discussed key aspects of UN engagement, including the UN's role in ensuring better co-ordination amongst the international community to act as a more effective partner to Afghanistan. Kai Eide conducted a number of interviews whilst he was in London.

Update: Reconstruction of Musa Qaleh (07/04/2008)

NATO re-affirms its long term commitment to Afghanistan, (Updated 14/04/2008)

NATO HQHeads of State and Government from the 26 NATO nations, partners and other representatives from major international institutions met in Bucharest, Romania on 2-4 April to discuss NATO enlargement and operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Read ISAF's strategic vision for Afghanistan.

Debate: "Is Britain's Strategy in Afghanistan realistic or hubristic"

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, the UK's Ambassador to Kabul, Afghanistan, enters into an open debate on the state of the UK effort in Afghanistan. Kicking off the debate in January's edition of Prospect magazine is Rory Stewart, head of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, an NGO working in Afghanistan.

This article is reproduced with the kind permission of Prospect magazine and first re-appeared in the January 2008 edition of Prospect Magazine.

Afghanistan Counter-Narcotics: Myths, Facts and Sound Policy

A number of myths and inaccuracies continue to circulate about the illegal drugs trade in Afghanistan. The US/UK joint fact sheet corrects some of them and clarifies how the Afghan government, supported by the international community, is addressing the situation on the ground.

"We, the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, in conjunction with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ISAF and international partners, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, are now engaged in a comprehensive initiative to fight the production and trafficking of opium in Afghanistan. There is significant skepticism among the public and the media regarding the counternarcotics effort.  We therefore provide the following paper to correct some of the myths about the illegal drug trade in Afghanistan, and to clarify how our programs address the situation on the ground".

UK in Afghanistan

Recent news and events

FCO Parliamentary Questions

The Foreign Secretary and Foreign Offfice Ministers answered questions in the House of Commons on Tuesday 13 May. The topics included, Iran Nuclear, China and Afghanistan


Miliband Rice re Afghanistan, 06-02-08

Appointment of UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Afghanistan

Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has welcomed the appointment of Kai Eide as the UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Rebuilding Lives in Musa Qala - Case Study

Deep in southern Afghanistan, in the district capital of Musa Qala, is a UK Government-led project helping to re-build thousands of lives.

Chinook delivering supplies to Lashkar Gah


The situation regarding women's rights in Afghanistan has greatly improved although there is still much to be done.


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FCO in action map

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