McCLoy ‘The Arrival of Paddy the Piper’
Lisburn Museum
Market Square

Co Antrim
BT28 1AG
The Arrival of padrig na Pib (Paddy the Piper), 1873 by Lisburn born artist Samuel McCloy (1831-1904). Oil on canvas. Born in Lisburn on 13 March 1831, McCloy began his artistic career as an apprentice with the Belfast School of Design in 1850. He distinguished himself by winning numerous prizes and was sent to teh Training School for Masters in London to train as an art teacher. his first posting was to Waterford School of Art as headmaster in 1854. In 1874 he moved to Belfast where he supported his growing family (he was to have 6 daughters and 3 sons) by working as a freelance illustrator for the well known publishing firm of Marcus Ward and for the Illustrated London News. During this period he also prepared damask designs for Joh Shaw Brown & Sons. he produced watercolours for