Develop effective international institutions

We're working to promote international institutions such as the European Union and the United Nations to help us meet the opportunities and challenges of our globalised world.

What are we doing?

Croatian courts getting up to speed

croatian courtAs a candidate for EU membership, Croatia is working hard to get its courts operating to EU justice standards.

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Effective international institutions

Recent news and events

Prime Minister and Jose Manuel Barroso

Gordon Brown and the President of the European Commission met at Downing Street on Thursday 5 June. They spoke about the priority's for the forthcoming European Council.

Faith in Europe

Minister for Europe, Jim Murphy MP, hosted a seminar on 'Faith in Europe' at Lancaster House, London. The seminar explored the place of faith groups in Europe now and in the future.

Cluster Munitions: Dublin Conference

Closing statement by the United Kingdom delegation on Friday 30 May

Who do we work with?

Read more about our work with international organisations such as Nato, G8 and the UN.

Departmental report

Read more about our work with international institutions such as the UN and EU in our latest departmental report.

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Croatian courts get up to speed

Bulgaria: Protecting people online

FCO in Action map

FCO in action map

We’ve pinned up the latest examples of our work around the world.


Departmental report 2008

Read about our achievements over the past year.

departmental report 2008