Funding programmes


The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has a range of programme funds. Each one supports the work we’re doing to deliver our policy goals.

These notes outline our main funding programmes, and there’s more detail if you click on any of the links.

The Strategic Programme Fund promotes action on global issues in areas of strategic importance to the UK.

The Conflict Prevention Pools were set up in 2001 to enhance the effectiveness of the UK's contribution to conflict prevention and management. There’s one pool for sub-Saharan Africa and another for the rest of the world, both run jointly with the Ministry of Defence and Department for International Development.

There’s also a range of FCO Scholarships and Fellowships. They’re available to help tomorrow's potential leaders, opinion-formers and decision-makers to study in the UK.

Strategic Programme Fund

The Strategic Programme Fund (formerly the Global Opportunities Fund) was established in 2003 to support the Government’s international goals.

Scholarships & fellowships

Information about the various scholarships and fellowships funded by the FCO.

Conflict prevention pools

Find out more about the Conflict Prevention Pool, a funding programme from the FCO.

Public diplomacy

Find out how the FCO works with the public overseas to achieve its goals.

funding programmes

FCO in Action map

FCO in action map

We’ve pinned up the latest examples of our work around the world.