Diversity in the FCO

Diversity is a central part of our work as a global organisation. This section will help you understand how and why it plays a major role in what we do as an employer, service provider and policy leader.

We welcome your views, comments and suggestions on these pages, as well as, how we can further promote diversity and equality at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Our vision

"To be a world leader in embracing and harnessing difference; creating equality of opportunity; and eliminating discrimination."

Our policy

We have a range of policies and structures which help shape and support our goals on diversity.

Our diversity team

We have a number of senior staff who act as diversity champions and our diversity strategy unit sets out the overall strategy in the FCO.

Our staff networks and partners

Staff networking groups within the FCO play a major role in promoting diversity within the workplace and beyond.


All our staff receive diversity training to help understand the legal requirements and the positive impact of valuing diversity at work.

Diversity in action

Read about how diversity comes alive in the FCO.

Diversity at work

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