Rape and sexual assault abroad

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If you have been sexually assaulted whilst abroad you should tell the relevant embassy as soon as possible. You'll find a link to our Find an embassy page to the right.

You should also tell the local police as soon as you can and insist on a police report.

We take any report of rape or sexual assault seriously and will offer you support as soon as possible and in privacy. We aim to be polite, patient, sensitive and non-judgmental.

In most cases of rape and sexual assault, the victims, no matter what their sex, prefer to talk about their ordeal with women. If that is what you want, we will do our best to make sure that a female officer is present at any meeting.

What we can do to help:

  • advise you about local police and legal procedures
  • accompany you to the local police station and where possible we can try to make sure you are interviewed by a female officer
  • provide a list of local lawyers and interpreters
  • help you to arrange a medical examination where possible with a female doctor
  • depending on local laws and customs we can also arrange for you to get advice on sexually transmitted infections, and on pregnancy and abortion
  • contact relatives or friends if you want us to
  • provide information on what professional help is available locally and back in the UK consult our police advisor who can consider using the services of a Sexual Offences Trained Officer from your local police force to advise and help you

Whether you take legal action after an attack is entirely your decision.  But please remember, if you change your mind later forensic and other evidence may be lost.

In some countries you must report the crime before returning to the UK if you want it to be investigated.

Useful contacts

Consular Assistance:

020 7008 1500

Useful Links

Rape Crisis Co-ordination Group - details of local rape crisis groups that offer advice, support and counselling. They can also direct women to rape crisis groups in other countries:

Roofie Foundation - support for those affected by drug related sexual assault 0800 783 2980

Samaritans - support for suicidal and emotionally distressed people 08457 1221 200

Survivors UK - support for men who have been victims of rape and sexual abuse 0845 122 1201

Victim Support - information and confidential support for victims of rape and sexual assault 0845 3030 900


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