Travel money

Don’t be a victim of theft and fraud when you’re abroad.International currency. © Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Before you go

  • get some local currency - order less common currencies a week in advance
  • order a mixture of cash and travellers’ cheques
  • write down the numbers on your travellers’ cheques
  • write down your credit card numbers and expiry dates – leave a copy at home
  • check your credit card is valid in the country you’re visiting
  • note your credit card’s emergency cancellation phone number
  • take enough money to cover emergencies 

When you’re away

  • familiarise yourself with the local currency as soon as you arrive
  • don’t carry more money than you need for the day/evening
  • if you need to carry a lot of cash ask your partner or friend to carry some for you
  • keep a small amount of cash in your wallet and the rest in a secure money belt or inside pocket
  • if you have several credit/debit cards, only take one out with you
  • leave your cash, cards and travellers’ cheques in a hotel safe – check it is secure


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