Overseas weddings and civil partnerships

This guide provides some basic advice. There is more detailed information in our Births, marriages and deaths and Legalisation sections.Glasses of champagne. © Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images

You should also see our general travel checklist and sections on travel health and travel insurance.

Planning your wedding

The British embassy in the country you wish to marry in will be happy to provide some general information on marriage in that country.  

You should also:

  • contact the local authorities of the country for more comprehensive advice – list of foreign embassies in the UK
  • find out what specific documents the local authorities require - these may take some months to prepare
  • check if you need visas to enter the country
  • check if you need to provide proof of residency in the country – in some cases this is over 30 days
  • if you are planning to marry in a tropical country visit your GP 6 weeks before you go to check what vaccinations you’ll need
  • buy adequate travel insurance - you may also want to buy specialist insurance which will cover the ceremony
  • get written quotes from wedding planners, venues or other services before you sign contracts
  • remember any guests you invite will need to obtain visas, get relevant vaccinations and purchase travel insurance too!

You'll find more information about the legal documents you might need in the weddings sections of our Births, marriages and deaths section and in our Legalisation section.

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