Births, marriages and deaths

If you live abroad or spend long periods of time overseas you may at some point need to register a birth or death with the British embassy or our consular services in London. You can find out how to do both here.

We can also help if you’re getting married or entering into a civil partnership aboard. The documents you might need for this can be confusing so we’ve got pages on the basic information you need to know.

We also have information about depositing marriage or civil partnership certificates with the General Registry Office.

Registering a birth overseas

Information on how you can register a birth which occurred overseas. This pages tells you how to register at a relevant consulate or with our Consular Department in London

Registering a death abroad

Information on what you need to do if you wish to register a death which occurred abroad with the consular or FCO office in London.

Marriage abroad

An introduction to our section on legal documents and services we offer for people who are getting married abroad

Civil partnerships abroad

Some basic advice on how you go about holding a civil partnership ceremony overseas

Useful contacts

Consular services  -Births, marriages and deaths

Telephone: 020 7008 0186 (Mon-Thurs: 1000-1200)


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