About the FCO

What are the FCO's objectives and how do we achieve them. Could a career in the FCO be for you?

What we do

Staff in our embassy

This is where you’ll find information on all our key roles from supporting British nationals overseas to promoting British business to legalising documents.

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How we are organised

david miliband at an open meeting

Find out about the organisation and structure of the FCO.

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Working for us

working for us

Find out about the different jobs at the FCO and how to join us.

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Our embassies and other posts

our embassies

We do our work through a network of 261 embassies, high commissions and other diplomatic posts worldwide.

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Our history and buildings

grand staircase at king charles street

The FCO has come a long way since its beginnings in 1782. You can read about our history and check out every one of our former foreign secretaries.

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Publications and documents

documents and publications

We publish official publications every year, including annual reports and public consultations. We also have dedicated historians, researchers and librarians who publish their work.

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Country profiles

country profiles

We have knowledgeable experts who keep detailed, constantly updated profiles of every country worldwide.

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Diversity in the FCO

Diversity at work

Harnessing diversity locally; championing equality globally.

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Departmental report 2008

departmental report

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Historic buildings

The FCO's historical buildings

FCO historical buildings

Visiting the FCO

Find out how to get to King Charles Street.

map of king charles street